Guiding Principles

United Insurance Brokers Limited (UIBL) is a leading wholesale London Market insurance and reinsurance broker authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority, and an accredited Lloyd’s broker, trading around the world. Our success rests on the contributions of the directors, officers and employees of UIBL, who develop and implement plans and actions to achieve the goals set by UIBL from time to time. In doing so, UIBL directors, officers and employees are required at all times to respect national and international laws and observe the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of UIBL’s business.

UIBL has adopted this statement of its Guiding Principles as an expression of the core values described above.


Ethical Behaviour
UIBL will always act in an ethically correct way.

Compliance with the Law
UIBL seeks always to comply with the law in all places where it is present or transacts business. UIBL has a zero tolerance policy towards:-

  • corrupt behaviour of any kind;
  • bribery;
  • economic and financial crime of all kinds; and
  • fraud (including tax evasion)

in any shape or form, and in particular no one connected with UIBL may offer or accept bribes, or be involved, or facilitate, tax evasion.

Dealings with Regulators and Other Public Administration
UIBL makes full, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable disclosure in reports and documents filed with regulators and all other public authorities throughout the world, as well as in all other public communications.

Transparency of Information
UIBL views transparency as an essential element of UIBL’s relationship with stakeholders, and accordingly UIBL is strongly committed to the production and retention of truthful, accurate and complete information.

Business Partners

Client Care
UIBL’s first and foremost concern are its clients. Clients are the focus of everything that UIBL does. The client’s interests always come first.

Client Relations and Service Quality
UIBL responds to ever changing client needs and requirements with speed and care, and to that end UIBL has drawn up a Client Service Charter (which is available on the UIBL web site) which sets out the minimum client service level to which UIBL aspires.

Gifts and Entertainment
UIBL base all commercial decisions exclusively on commercial criteria. UIBL directors, officers, and employees providing or receiving third party gifts and entertainment when representing UIBL are expected to exercise good judgement in each case, taking into account pertinent circumstances. All expenditure for gifts and entertainment provided by UIBL must be promptly, fully, and fairly recorded in UIBL’s books and records.

Conflicts of Interest
UIBL’s directors, officers, and employees must avoid any actual or apparent conflict between their own personal interests and the interests of UIBL. UIBL itself has systems and controls in place to help avoid and deal with any conflict between the interests of UIBL and any of its clients, and also as between the interests of multiple UIBL clients should they conflict.

Anti-Money Laundering; Anti-Terrorist Financing; Sanctions
UIBL complies with applicable national and international laws, rules and regulations to prevent, detect and report money laundering and to ensure that it is not involved in financing terrorism, and UIBL has processes in place to apply all sanctions rules that apply to UIBL (including when they are linked to deterring terrorist financing).

Antitrust (Competition)
UIBL and its directors, officers, and employees must comply at all times with the antitrust and competition laws of each country or group of countries which are applicable to UIBL’s businesses.

Data Protection
UIBL and its directors, officers, and employees must observe all laws and regulations for the protection of client and personal data applicable to UIBL’s businesses.

Human Resources

Equal Employment Opportunity
UIBL seeks to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce by providing an inclusive and supportive working environment, and guarantees each UIBL employee equal opportunities to develop without discrimination in all aspects of the employment relationship, including recruitment, hiring, work assignment, work-time allocation, working conditions, training, professional development, promotion, transfer, dismissal, wage and salary administration, and selection for training. UIBL seeks at all times to treat employees fairly and consistently.

UIBL has a policy of zero toleration of any kind of direct or indirect discrimination, including because of race or ethnic origin, gender, beliefs (including religion), politics, sexual orientation, age or disability.

UIBL prohibits all forms of harassment in any UIBL workplace, including any form of harassment by or towards employees, clients, suppliers and visitors.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

UIBL has a zero tolerance towards modern slavery and human trafficking, and expects UIBL employees, and those UIBL deals with, to uphold UIBL’s high values. UIBL is fully committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in its supply chains, and that everyone’s fundamental rights are respected.

UIBL respects the privacy of the individuals it deals with, in particular that of its employees (but also clients and others), and has procedures in place to comply with all applicable privacy, confidentiality and data protection laws relating to the protection of personal data.

Where an individual discovers information which he or she believes shows serious malpractice or wrongdoing within UIBL, it is UIBL’s policy that that information should be disclosed internally without fear of reprisal.

Alcohol and Drug Use
UIBL does not permit alcohol to be consumed on UIBL premises, except for the purposes of entertaining UIBL business partners in the designated hospitality areas or staff parties which have been pre-authorised by senior management. The misuse of legitimate drugs, or the use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or unprescribed controlled drugs on UIBL business or premises, is strictly prohibited.

UIBL strives at all times:

  • to provide all employees, and all others who visit UIBL premises, including third parties who may work with UIBL, with a secure work environment; and
  • to secure its assets from improper interference or use.

Holding Office
UIBL restricts directors, officers and employees from holding office in non-affiliated, for-profit organisations, and prohibits any director, officer or employee from accepting any such office which would, or might, involve a conflict of interest with, or interfere with, the discharge of the director’s, officer’s or employee’s duties to UIBL.

Office in a non-affiliated, for-profit organisation is therefore subject to review and approval by UIBL management.

Company and Third Party Assets

UIBL Assets
UIBL requires its directors, officers, and employees to protect UIBL’s tangible and intangible assets and use them efficiently to advance UIBL’s interests.

Third Party Assets
UIBL’s directors, officers, and employees are required to respect the ownership rights, and intellectual property rights, of their parties.